Walk With Me.

by jasmineleaphotography

September 21, 2016

My first blog. *GULP*

So what do I do with this new found voyage? I will give you a little sneak into my everyday life. Hello, as you have guessed I am a photographer. That is not the only thing I do, however. I part time serve at a restaurant 4 minutes from my house. While I don’t see myself doing this forever, I need something while I get my feet off the ground.

I have 2 daughters.knutti01254

This is Violet. She is my daredevil. Seeker of laughs, potato chips and airplanes! My blue-eyed baby doll.


And now may I introduce her highness, Princess Keira. My first born. She is most definitely my girly girl. She finds my jokes hilarious and that, my fellows is thumbs up in my book!


My girls give my life a depth I never would have thought possible. But here I am trying to make sense of running a business and why I am taking this new baby on(I promised myself NO MORE KIDS). It is because of those two beautiful  smiling faces. No need to explain further.


knutti01275(Clapping) He gave me a hard time about the suspenders………..I said you will love it, stop.

Did he love it you are thinking? Why, yes. Yes he did!

Themed shoots are my favorite to do because it gives me a chance to pretend I am someone else. It’s so much fun, people!!!!! You must try it!

But anyways….I just wanted to give a little introduction into my life and get this blogging thing on its way to what it will be. Topics of shoots I get to have fun with, day to day adventures…and anything else that come my way.

Thanks so much for reading!

Bye for now!

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  1. Heather says:

    Look forward to more blogging from you!! Keep up the beautiful work you do!! You rock😘

  2. Cindy Knutti says:

    I so enjoyed reading this! This gives me a glance at some of the things I don’t get to see! A look inside your soul! Keep it up! Love you! 💕

  3. Robin Kays says:

    Jaz, this is awesome. My very talented daughter. Wish I could say you got it all from me, but…. You make me proud. 💞

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