Kids: Photographing in the snow

by jasmineleaphotography

February 1, 2017


How to stay warm in 20 degree snowy weather? Um, hot tea and fancy party gloves!

Keeping her warm in between shots was difficult. We made four trips back inside the house to wrap in a fuzzy blanket. But she was excited to get her pictures done so she warmed up fast.


With winter much upon us I wanted to take advantage and do some up-to-date pictures of my oldest. Being a photographer, she is a natural model for me. I realize not all kids like the camera. The secret lies in how you approach them. Make it fun! give them outfit choices: a favorite pair of boots, hat or toy. Give them the baton so to speak. Put them in charge(a freshly napped kid doesn’t hurt either).




This shoot took about 2 hours total time. I fixed her hair up and gave her some glow with a little makeup and dressed her to the heel.

It really is simple to take your children’s photos yourself. Basically, you want to document everything about them. Their beautiful little facial features, their hands, feet, hair. Every inch because everyday they change! So even if you don’t have a fancy camera or a fancy park or studio to pose in–I used our front yard and just changed my perspective. Beauty is everywhere. Your children enhance it. Make your session fun and let them throw snow if they aren’t into posing for the camera! A child in action makes a great shot. Give them something to do. A child in motion is a happy child.

Get creative! With I-phone photography lately I have seen some great captures. I’d love to see your work! Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading!


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