♥ Helena & Luke ♥

by jasmineleaphotography

September 29, 2016

A little step back to April. I had driven through Sharon, PA while doing some prospecting in the area for photoshoots. I remember driving past The Buhl Mansion thinking, “gosh I would Love to shoot a wedding there, it’s gorgeous..”

Shortly after, I received a Wedding Wire message from Luke inquiring if I was willing to travel to Sharon for their wedding. Of coarse I travel (just for the record). Then I find out their wedding was happening at the Buhl. Oh my goodness (stars in my eyes….might have been tears……).


If you ever visit you will understand my awe.


I met with Luke and Helena the afternoon of their rehearsal. I was so nervous, I have issues with anxiety (being introverted-wrecks my nerves).

Luke and Helena really made my job easy; down to Earth, relaxed, funny (my kind of joke tellers), and let me have my assertiveness to photograph to my lil heart’s content(thank-you).

Beautification process is an awesome opportunity for me to grab some small moments.


Helena had my sides in stitches practicing with Rachael, one of her bridesmaids. Do I dip low, left or right?

I was in love with Helena’s gown. That lace and bead work was outstanding (I need to ask about the designer).

My husband got to spend some time with the guys as they got ready. Luke received a special delivery via Trish from Helena. After searching a couple rooms, we found him. haha.


Their children will have great smiles! Helena and Luke are like a washcloth dipped in happy juice and cut in two.

Best time for cardio? When the bride starts walking towards her groom. That is why I leave my stilettos at home.



Rock, paper, scissors? Why not…


Wha, Wha?!! That kiss !!!!! Looks like practice makes perfect…swinford05401

There is always that contented sigh. Then the bride with her prized catch!


Congratulations to the both of you! I wish you the best and many years of happiness together.



“For this pose….I want you to give me ‘you’.” On 1, 2, 3….NAILED IT!


I got to step back into time for a day and this image is on my favorites list. ♥ ♥ ♥


Husband & Wife. Mr. & Mrs.

Luke and Helena’s day was surrounded with family and friends who without a doubt in my mind loved them so much! I even caught myself getting caught up in the emotion of their day!

The Pittsburgh Barbeque Company had the mouths watering. Mmmm, cornbread….


A table for two, reserved just for them. To share small secrets and smiles of the heart.


This is another favorite…..it’s straight out of a romantic film!


“I think you got it, Jasmine.” In the words of Luke, as Helena’s grandmother embraced and kissed her cheek. What a sweet moment! I got choked up here…makes me miss my grandmother.

Let’s talk about pie, people!




“Grandma hasn’t moved like that in a long time.” Well, I would say she saved up for this day ♥




The night wound down and I pulled Helena and Luke away just for some intimate time alone together.



And so their journey begins….

Thank-You so much for giving me the opportunity to get to know you both! Your day will forever give me smiles! Continue to love each other and be there for each other and never forget how much you love each other!

All my best ♥ Jasmine




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