Watkins Glen International Raceway

by jasmineleaphotography

November 20, 2017

I got to experience something that has always held a special place in my life. Racing; FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND.

My father and brother and myself drove up to Watkins Glen, NY in early September(I know–it took me over 2 months to post this).  It was nice to spend time with the two of them and also get in more things I love(besides racing), like wine, water, hiking and food.

We spent some time at the wineries on Friday, hiked in the Glen, and ate some tasty morsels(I love that word!).

Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to racing and I got sooooo many pictures of all those beautiful vintage racecars. I felt like a kid in a candy shop with all those engines revving and fuel burning inside my nostrils. I even got to sit in a Ford GT(OH MY GOODNESS!). So of course I had to ask to drive it. I guess I wasn’t certified for that…




I shoot with Sony full frame cameras. I just love Sony. I also love Photoshop because it gives me my opportunity to “artistically” enhance my art. I hope you enjoy my experience of Watkins Glen.

Here are a few from the Gorge. The stairs at the end though! WHEW! There were like 150 of them. That would not be good if you were being chased by a villain haha.

I am looking forward to visiting Watkins Glen again in May of 2018! This time I’ll be on the track and driving my own car! #CANTWAIT




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