Will You Fall for this Family?

by jasmineleaphotography

November 21, 2017

Oh my goodness! So, a little background for my readers. Meet Emilie. I have known her for little over¬† 2 YEARS. She first came to me when she found out she was pregnant(with Willow). She wanted to have me photograph her maternity pictures. I was excited(who wouldn’t be? She’s absolutely gorgeous)! She not only went with a maternity session, but also a newborn, 6 months and 1 year(oh, there was a 10 month in there too) bundle collection. I have been photographing these two lovelies since then.

Now moving on to the now. I got so excited when Emilie contacted me for a fall family session in the park. Jon and his son Donte and daughter Kenz just added to the fun and warmth already shared with Emilie and Willow. I just loved this session! So much happiness and laughs and smirks(everything that encompasses having kids, haha). They all made my day lighter(since at one point I stepped in a pile of dog poo…double ew…..it was a large pile). So, this blog is meant to give you a seat inside the mental workings of Jasmine Lea Photography.

They could all be stars in their own lil family show. Please, if you enjoyed viewing this blog, leave a comment and tell me your favorite image. I’d love to read your thoughts!

bye, Jasmine

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  1. Marcy LaVogue says:

    Jasmine, I love them all! You always capture Em and Willow perfectly and Jon, McKenzy and Donte are naturals.
    I’m partial, I suppose!
    Thank you!

  2. Zich warmth and family joy, my fav pics are 911 and 956…but they are all fantastic!

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