Is a First Look right for you???

by Jasmine Knutti

February 5, 2018

I’ve had many brides and grooms ask, “What is a first look? Do I really need a first look?” My answer is always the same. I will explain what a first look is and how I execute it.

I discuss a location first, then my second shooter gets the groom in place and I bring the bride along.


This is a great time for some groom shots to be taken. Once the bride has arrived the look can be done many ways. I will use Shannon and Brian’s first look as an example. They had written letters to each other and opted to read their letters before they “looked”.

This moment can be very emotional and intimate. It truly is a beautiful moment for you, in my opinion.

These first looks can last 45 minutes or less. I usually like to set aside one hour for them, if there is space in your timeline. I just love watching the emotions and the feelings shared between them…


After the first look, I do couple portraits and this helps break up all the portraits. I get some more right around sunset to tell more of their story and also for the amazing light!


So, what do you think? Are you convinced that a first look is for you?! I love them. It’s your day. You get to decide about your pictures, I am there to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Leave a message and let me know what you think…I love to hear opinions!

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