Colburn by the Water- An Adventure Elopement

by Jasmine Knutti

October 9, 2018

It started out as any Friday morning did. My oldest daughter was in her virtual class and my youngest was napping. I had been using an App since August of 2017 to help me locate photography jobs. I love it(for clarification). Kara had posted she was looking for a photographer willing to kayak to a location only accessible by boat. My curiosity was peaked! I had been praying for a way to get more adventure weddings.

I sent her a quote and it took a few days before she responded, but she was interested and responded back with a little history on her and Bill.

Together 10 years and finally getting married! On a beach with just them and two of their close friends, Adrianna and Aaron(I’m sorry if I spelled the names wrong). Adrianna officiated the ceremony and they got their wish to be married in private. The sky was threatening, but beautiful. We kayaked to the beach and I got to run in my hiking boots(water shoes are on my list).

It was such an inspiring moment for me. I will tell you why: being married to your best friend. Your love for each other should shine like a bright star. People pick up on that. If you love each other it shows in each gesture, each movement and you just work together. Nothing is forced. It’s like the perfect peanut butter consistency! Y’all, I eat a LOT of PB and J’s, okay?! LOL! And Kara & Bill have so much love for each other! Their families really touched me as well. I felt like I belonged! I have never been so welcomed by complete strangers! I have so much respect for y’all! From the bottom of my heart, I thank-you all and may many blessings and good tidings be sent your way!

I hope you enjoy their story through my eyes <3








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