Zack & Erica – Surprise Proposal

by Jasmine Knutti

September 3, 2020

I was contacted by Zack’s friend Katie who had seen my comment on a post she had submitted on a Facebook thread. She wanted to find a photographer for Zack, who was proposing to his girlfriend, Erica.
The next day. I had never done a proposal before and was pretty nervous. My thoughts kept saying, will they see me? Will I give it away? Am I gonna get the shot? So many nervous thoughts! PLUS! On top of all that I. WORE. THE. WRONG. SHOES. 
Yes people, this photographer wore wedge sneakers(face palm)! The action was happening on a boardwalk right on the lake. there was no where to hide, and I couldn’t just jump down into the bushes if I needed to (LOL). We are talking at least knee deep. 
I explained to Katie to tell Zack not to go too far so I would be able to position myself so I could capture everything.
I will tell you this: I have never had to think on my feet so fast in muh life! Literally swinging my huge zoom lens out the way and grabbing my smaller one and taking pictures of the flowers. As they passed, I apologized for being in the way and said hi. Zack says to Erica, “I don’t know her.” And he didn’t! Truthfully! HAHAH 
Katie had hired me as a surprise!
It was such a sweet moment. From the scrapbook that Zack had put together of their life together so far, to getting down on one knee to popping the champagne bottle and toasting!!! 
I absolutely loved this moment and am so happy for them both!
I send a thank-you out to Katie for choosing me! I am so appreciative!!

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